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PetranomicsTM New Wells Planner

Managers and engineers responsible for economic viability of new oil and gas wells and fields can create their plans using a wide set of factors including geo variables, investment, expense, production variables, royalty, taxes, pricing and time.

To help managers and engineers make the best decisions, the Petranomics New Wells Planner software provides detailed calculation modules for well start and hyperbolic/harmonic and exponential decline, production volumes, investment, revenue, salvage, expenses, tax, cash flows (e.g., non-discounted, discounted, NPV, IRR), metrics (ROI) and reserves.

Using the Petranomics New Wells Planner you can:

  • Create an Economic Plan
    • Dynamically explore new scenarios to increase cash flow and reduce risks
    • Stagger well starts to observe well production and manage cash flow
    • Include probability of well production success for expected values
    • Evaluate one or multiple wells in a field for volume, revenue, expenses and cash flow, as well as remaining reserves
    • Create a comprehensive economic plan
    • Compare base case to what-if upside and downside scenarios
    • Select type of decline curves (exponential or hyperbolic)

  • Obtain Economic Answers
    • How does the proposed investment respond to multiple levels of stress as downside scenarios and to upside lift from continued higher pricing and good reservoir engineering practices?
    • How does this plan compare to benchmark historical comparables?
    • Will mid- to later-life well profits fund plug and abandonment expenses?
    • How robust is this deal to my alternative opportunities?
    • How quickly can I afford to drill the next well in the field and keep the cash flow above a certain level?
    • What is the expected product mix production volume so I can plan my facilities storage, pipeline or transportation needs?

Because of shared investments or expenses across wells for production facilities and transportation, the economic analysis must span beyond individual wells to well groups or the entire field. As new wells are considered, the Petranomics New Wells Planner can model and analyze one well, a well-group or the field and evaluate impact of it coming on line.

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Screen Images
Example: Oil Revenue Gross by Well- Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison
Example: Three Scenario Comparisons of Cash Flow NPV Analysis of all Wells in the Field
Example: Oil Revenue Gross for Field / Year - Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison of Outcome Uncertainty
Report - NPV Cash Flow by Well for Hyperbolic Decline Projection
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