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PetranomicsTM Working Interest Analyzer

When you need to prepare a new deal for the big investors, sell working interest investments or evaluate new opportunities, the Petranomics Working Interest Analyzer helps you make the right decisions.

The Petranomics Working Interest Analyzer is a flexible economic software solution template to provide P&L perspectives and economic analysis for the project and each investor so they see the profit and cash flow impact for different levels of performance, investment or working interest percent.

Overall, you can:

  • Plan, Budget, Forecast and Analyze Oil and Gas Deals
    • Address multiple working interest and overall project perspectives
    • Analyze new deal opportunities
    • Prepare an analysis to show opportunities and risks to investors
    • Evaluate the overall deal and determine how to achieve early break-even and then profitability
    • Determine deal robustness by applying multiple levels of stress and upside scenarios to each deal or well

  • Obtain Economic Answers
    • How should I price my working interest offering?
    • Is this a good deal?
    • How should I price a working interest in this deal?
    • How can I show the upside of this deal to the investor and show them how robust it is to downside stress scenarios?
    • What level of investment will be required before the property can fund its expenses and then spin off cash?
    • What is my discounted cash flow and NPV for each well, well group and the field?

Create and evaluate detailed scenarios to determine robustness
Using the Scenario Manager, you can observe how the wells or field will perform short- or long-term by comparing different types of volume, expense and economic outcomes as upside and multilevel risk scenarios.

Take, for example, 30 wells, some of which produce and many that require extensive work to bring on line. In this situation, managing the cash flow and carefully selecting the right wells to workover will become an extremely important decision in the operational plan. The Scenario Manager can help you see the pros and cons from several different perspectives so you can clearly determine the value of the opportunity compared to the investment required, and the time to ROI.

With Petranomics Working Interest Analyzer you can structure a plan that will yield the needed cash flow projections while examining how it responds to secondary stress or severe limitations and constraints you place upon it. All along you are gaining the visibility of the opportunity's robustness level for a given investment . Finally gain a clearer picture of the time frame required to gain payback and a positive income stream.


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Example: Oil Revenue Gross for Field / Year - Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison of Outcome Uncertainty
Example: Three way Scenario Comparison of Cash Flow NPV Analysis of all Wells in the Field
Example: Oil Revenue Gross by Well- Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison
Report - NPV Cash Flow by Well for Hyperbolic Decline Projection
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