LayeredRock Software Decision Analysis Solutions for Business Managers

Our Approach
LayeredRock provides our clients with economic evaluation and analysis solutions, software products and services. As each client's business and project situation is different, our approach is to be flexible to best to serve your business and team.

Reaching beyond classical spreadsheet modeling and analysis, you can now address economic planning and operational decisions that incorporate uncertainty and risk mitigation. Examine multiple business scenarios to understand trade-offs and interactively explore outcome sensitivity impact due to assumption changes.

Economic evaluation and analysis solutions, software and services

PetranomicsTM Solutions
Petranomics solutions empower you to:

  • Address industry specific problems with focused solutions
  • Model and analyze upstream oil and gas exploration and development projects surrounded by uncertainty and risk
  • Manage more assets and larger projects while closely managing profitability
  • Spend your valuable time focused on the key drivers of the upside and downside of your alternatives
  • Evaluate opportunities and deals, create project plans, analyze uncertainty and identify candidates for risk mitigation
  • Identify, analyze and respond quickly to events or issues that impact your plans or operations

PetranomicsTM Software Products
Petranomics software products empower you to:

  • Create new economic models or customize standard Petranomics Solutions templates
  • Rapidly adjust the models and create or change scenarios to address new cases or what-if analysis
  • Dynamically analyze outcome sensitivity to business assumptions interactively
  • Forecast and re-forecast projections while addressing risks and applying risk mitigation
  • Transform how you plan and make financial decisions to drive increased efficiency

PetranomicsTM Services
Petranomics services empower you to:

  • Accelerate projects with additional project resources to meet your project goals
  • Learn from the product experts about how to best leverage the tools and solutions
  • Obtain custom solution templates that uniquely serve your business and clients
  • Upgrade your economic evaluation and analysis methodology with new agile lifecycle approaches

Our solutions, products, services and methodology account for the risks and uncertainties. LayeredRock gives you the clarity to improve your business planning and decisions to confidently execute your business objectives. Our consultants and products can help you create flexible economic evaluation and analyses addressing your strategic planning, initiative investment and key operational decisions.

Decision Analysis Solutions for Increased ProfitabilityTM

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