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LayeredRock Software transforms business decision modeling and analysis with methodology, tools and services that offer a whole new generation of analytic capabilities for business and financial managers, operations and engineers. Our products and services deliver exciting new strategic and operational decision analysis insight and solutions. LayeredRock’s Petranomics products combine business financial modeling, interactive sensitivity analysis and scenario management into an integrated business solution that delivers a new Horizon of VisibilityTM™ to businesses.

What We Do
LayeredRock provides Economic Evaluation and Analysis Petranomics Solutions, Software and Services to give engineers, managers and executives the data they need to make good decisions in a complex, unpredictable exploration and production environment. We provide consulting services and powerful decision analysis software that allows managers to make solid, data-driven decisions by analyzing uncertainty and risk impact that standard spreadsheet what-if tools do not address.

Our Strengths
To help you achieve your desired results, LayeredRock enables you to:

  • Model, plan and analyze economic challenges surrounded by uncertainty and risk
  • Focus on improving your business decisions
  • Manage business decisions with clarity using software tools and solution templates
  • Identify patterns of uncertainty and structure analysis to address it
  • Speed your planning and cycle time with interactive tools
  • Quickly evaluate your results

Learn more about our solutions, products and services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Decision Analysis Solutions for Increased ProfitabilityTM

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