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Petranomics Economic Modeling and Analysis Lifecycle

LayeredRock's Petranomics solutions, software and services enable you to quickly respond to sudden changes whenever they occur throughout the planning or operational lifecycle.

Throughout the business lifecycle from strategic planning to operational refinement and re-forecast, Petranomics solutions and software bring a new class of economic evaluation and analysis. Now you can re-plan interactively and dynamically throughout the lifecycle as events or replanning periods occur.

Business Lifecycle - Four Areas of Use
To learn how you can benefit from LayeredRock's products and services, four examples of business lifecycle planning activities are illustrated below:

Business Lifecycle Example
An example of a typical financial business lifecycle requiring modeling and analysis at multiple steps is illustrated below. Many other planning lifecycles also require extensive modeling and analysis such as strategic or operational investment planning decisions. LayeredRock's Petranomics Analyzer is useful in each stage of the business lifecycle.


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