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Economic and Analysis Process

Robust Analysis Process for Petranomics Solutions and Petranomics Analyzer Tools

The Petranomics Solutions Analysis Process and the Petranomics Economic Modeling Process are described, first the solution process and second the economic process.

Solution Analysis Process

The Petranomics Solutions' analysis process provides what-if flexibility, scenario management and powerful dynamic sensitivity analysis. The Petranomics Solutions target select business problems and contain a built in economic model to structure the assumptions and outcome equations to provide the desired outcome results. The Petranomics Solutions are powered by the Petranomics Analyzer tools and architecture enabling a fast, flexible and powerful analysis.

This Petranomics Solution Analysis Process is illustrated below as 5 high level steps.

Economic Modeling Process

If you need to create your own unique economic model or need to modify a Petranomics solutions economic model, you can use the Petranomics Analyzer software tool suite to create a new model or modify an existing model or solution template.

This Petranomics Economic Modeling Process is illustrated below as 5 high level steps.

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