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PetranomicsTM: Economic Evaluation and Analysis Software

Address planning and analysis challenges and create operational solutions

Operators, engineers, asset managers, project managers and financial managers all need economic modeling and analysis solutions to allow them to focus on their projects and get answers they need quickly. Petranomics products and solutions provide focused economic models and analysis scenarios for fast and flexible evaluation, analysis and planning.

Petranomics Analyzer
The Petranomics Analyzer delivers dynamic economic evaluation and analysis management tools and provides the software framework for our Petranomics Solution Templates.

Our Petranomics Analyzer combines economic modeling, reporting, sensitivity analysis and scenario management into an integrated software product that delivers a new Horizon of VisibilityTM™ to your business.

The Petranomics Analyzer offers several key features: economic modeling, sensitivity analysis, dynamic sensitivity, scenario management and view management.

Economic Modeling
Create an economic model that generates a complete view of our business plan, project or deal along with the dynamics of the marketplace and assumptions that are driving your expected values.

The economic modeling tools allow you to quickly create or change models using our Fast ModelingTM technology. Using these modeling features, Petranomics solution templates can be extended or tuned to your exact requirements either by your team or LayeredRock services consultants.

Sensitivity Analysis
Eliminate uncertainty when you add new information or assumptions to your analysis. With sensitivity analysis, you can clearly see how each new assumption impacts the business results.

Dynamic Sensitivity
Dynamic sensitivity analysis provides real time display of outcome sensitivity to the models assumption's uncertainties. As you explore assumption nominal values through minimum and maximum values, Petranomics Analyzer displays the analysis charts in tables in real-time, thus no more batch runs to explore your what-if cases.

Scenario Management
Using the integrated Petranomics Analyzer you can construct and compare multiple what-if scenarios to your base case, then quickly investigate and calculate the impact of each one. You can also select which scenarios to compare and analyze, create a comprehensive plan or build a risk-mitigation action plan.

Results View Management
The Results View Manager enables you to select types of charts and tables, choose scenarios and filter outcomes or assumptions based on the results you want to see.

LayeredRock Software delivers a dynamic management solution to project, business and financial managers. Our Petranomics Analysis tool along with the Petranomics Solutions Templates provides an integrated business solution that delivers a new class of economic evaluation and analysis tools to your business.

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Process - Petranomics Solution Analysis

Screen Images
Example: Oil Revenue Gross for Field / Year - Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison of Outcome Uncertainty
Example: Three way Scenario Comparison of Cash Flow NPV Analysis of all Wells in the Field
Example: Three way Scenario Comparison of Cash Flow NPV Analysis of all Wells in the Field
Report - NPV Cash Flow by Well for Hyperbolic Decline Projection
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