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Accelerate your projects with LayeredRock's economic evaluation modeling and analysis services

All projects need timely economic modeling and analysis. Assumption uncertainty and unexpected events can force you to make quick decisions. Without enough time to analyze all the risks yourself or with your team, you can draw on LayeredRock's analysts to fill the gaps.

LayeredRock consulting services can help. Our financial and economic modeling and analysis services are an excellent way to fill the gaps, get up to speed on the latest techniques while addressing your specific business problems. Whether the need is for short term or longer term, we can assist.

LayeredRock provides a selection of consulting services to help accelerate your projects and learning curve and offers customized solutions such as in oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) for your business. Whether you are seeking a specific business solution or just need guidance to accelerate a particular project, we have the right service package to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more.

Our services include full-service business planning, economic modeling and decision analysis

While LayeredRock's consulting services provide expertise to construct business models and perform the analysis, you can direct the scenarios and review the comparison results. We also develop business models, decision alternatives and perform the scenario analysis with recommendations.

Assisted Service - Business Modeling and Decision Analysis
If you need long-term or temporary help with staffing and project acceleration assistance, we can work with your team to meet tough deadlines. We'll help you learn the most effective techniques and achieve your project goals at the same time so you can move forward with clarity, insight and confidence.

Training - Products and Methodology
Obtain the fastest and best value from our products on your projects and initiatives by learning and discussing the hands-on examples and tips from our product and methodology experts.

Custom PetranomicsTM Solution Templates
Accelerate your projects with a custom Petranomics solution template created specifically for your business. A custom solution template provides a customized or newly created economic model and analysis to your specification. We work with your team to create custom solution templates for your needs and in many cases can modify an existing template to your requirements. Armed with a custom Petranomics solution template, you quickly get answers to recurring business problems.

Customized Business Solutions
Gain a strategic advantage and significantly improve your business with a customized solution such as a Web based application that meets the needs of any group in your enterprise.

Services Deliverable
LayeredRock's service offerings are highlighted in the table below.

LayeredRock Services Offerings
Economic Modeling & Planning
Scenario & Economic Analysis Results
Summary Presentation
Custom Petranomics Solution Templates
Custom Business Solution
Full Service - Business Planning, Modeling and Decision Analysis
Assisted Service - Business Modeling and Analysis
Training - Products and Methodology
Custom Petranomics Solution Templates
Customer Specific Business Solutions

Services for Your Business
Contact us to learn how we can help you make sound, confident business decisions.

Decision Analysis Solutions for Increased ProfitabilityTM

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