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Are you experiencing planning or forecasting gaps or errors?

  • Are your planning or forecasting gaps impacting profitability, quality of operations or customer service?

  • Are uncertainties in your business assumptions causing difficulties with operations planning or operational management, or are uncertainties presenting large risks in operational decisions?

  • Is your current economic modeling and analysis yielding the answers you need to make precision planning, operational or investment decisions?

  • Are you able to adequately structure and explore upside and downside cases to understand the possible range of your alternatives’ performance? Can you visualize the alternatives' impact to profit and their risk to the business?

Petranomics - Planning and operational management economic evaluation and analysis solutions

Get the right solution for your business
Business change is happening faster than ever before, and current economic evaluation and analysis tools are unable to handle the increasingly complex demands of today’s business uncertainties and risk. Learn how we can help simplify and accelerate decision analysis with our:

Oil & Gas E&P Industry Solutions

In oil and gas exploration and production (E&P), keeping your business responsive to market events, pricing shifts, asset utilization and project changes is difficult when your planning process and tools cannot match the pace of change.

LayeredRock Software offers a more cost-effective way to create plans and analyze business uncertainties and unexpected events. To accurately manage each stage of your project's E&P planning process, businesses need a comprehensive set of dynamic modeling, analysis and decision tools.

Find practical economic answers to petroleum project questions such as:

  • What if my initial estimate of the decline curve is incorrect?
  • When should I fracture my well?
  • How much do I need to save yearly for plug and abandonment activities?”
  • What happens to my cash flows and profit if the key value drivers are varied over a range?
  • When should I start the new well(s) to achieve my cash flow targets?
  • Should I sell the well or keep it? Should my decision change under different scenarios?
  • What is the working interest share worth?

Determine the answers to these and many other questions with our Petranomics Solutions.

PetranomicsTM New Wells Planner
Managers and engineers planning wells for new or existing well groups or fields need robust economic analysis to comprehend a broad set of investment, expense, royalty, production and pricing factors. LayeredRock provides the detailed visibility needed to compare scenarios so decision-makers can view the alternatives in a concise way and make the best possible choices. Details.

PetranomicsTM Well Manager
Managing a well or a series of wells in a field requires continuous planning, action and revision As you are faced with the critical decisions of well workover, plug and abandonment, rising lease operating costs and changing pricing, the Petranomics Well Manager can help you understand all the risks and make sound economic decisions. Learn how to respond appropriately to new data and revise the plan going forward. Details.

PetranomicsTM Working Interest Analyzer
If you need to prepare a new deal for the big investors, sell working interest investments or evaluate new opportunities, Petranomics Working Interest Analyzer allows you to evaluate exploration and production investment deals with P&Ls and cash flow NPV analysis for each working interest perspective. Details.

Want answers for your specific business challenges? Contact us for a customized solution for your unique needs.

Financial Industry Solutions

More than ever, private equity and investment banking firms need to make solid investments in new LBOs and add-on M&A deals, as well as improve operational excellence in current portfolio companies. Commercial banks need improved loan evaluation tools to assess their clients economic health, manage risk and shift to risk-based pricing.

LayeredRock can help you better manage risk and make sound business decisions with tools that accurately model your business situations and deliver meaningful answers to complex questions.

As you apply planning analysis to your portfolio companies' economic challenges, wouldn't it be great to take that analysis and make it an operational solution for the company to apply to its recurring operations? You can with LayeredRock Products and Solutions.

Learn how our Petranomics solutions address these key financial areas:

  • Operational P&L Risk Analysis
  • Commercial Loan Evaluation
  • M&A Deal Evaluation

Cross-Industry Solutions

Inquire about our cross-industry solutions:

  • Services Planning
  • Cost Center Analysis

Solution Customization and Analysis Process

Solution Customization
Each Petranomics solution can be customized to your business using the Petranomics Analyzer . For recurring operational or planning problems, these solution templates, which can be tuned to your business, offer an excellent way to improve operational efficiency across the entire organization. We can work with your team to customize the solution’s economic model and built-in scenarios to deliver the most accurate results for your business.

Solution Analysis Process
The Petranomics solutions deliver the results you need, fast with built-in flexibility for change. The analysis process allows you to select the most relevant Petranomics solution, input your assumptions, use built-in scenarios or create your own as you perform the analysis. See the five step overview of the Petranomics Solution Analysis Process.

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Petranomics Software Solutions

Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

  • Petranomics - New Wells Planner (PDF)
  • Petranomics - Well Manager (PDF)
  • Petranomics - Working Interest Analyzer (PDF)

Process - Petranomics Solution Analysis

Petranomics Software Tools
Screen Images
Example: Oil Revenue Gross for Field / Year - Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison of Outcome Uncertainty
Example: Three Scenario Comparisons of Cash Flow NPV Analysis of all Wells in the Field
Example: Oil Revenue Gross by Well- Base Case (blue) & Upside (red) Scenario Comparison
Report - NPV Cash Flow by Well for Hyperbolic Decline Projection
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