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Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Risk Analysis, Operational Management and Decisions

Usage of Petranomics Products and Solutions
LayeredRock's Petranomics Solutions and Software provide a new analytical analysis and economic modeling framework for project managers, business managers and financial managers to gain new insights to the business and offer a new class of solutions to planning activities and business operations.

Planning / Forecasting
Plan a new project or business plan / forecast or new initiative phase including handling risks and what-if scenarios.

Craft and tune a budget while comparing new forecast scenarios with sensitivity analysis to historical actuals or comparables for validation.

Risk Analysis
As assumption uncertainty exists in your plan and economic model or as risk events occur explore how robust your plan is to addressing the risk. Secondarily identity the top risk items, determine what economic mitigation risk reduction actions and their cost are most appropriate.

Operational Management
As your project proceeds continually evaluate performance, analyze events, market or project changes, evaluate what-if scenarios, address risks and replan.

One faces decisions in all phases, planning / forecasting, budgeting and operational management. Decision require comparing uncertainty impact to your economic model and analyzing how big is the risk / reward for the decision and the level of robustness of the plan or next step.

As you encounter decisions impacting the economics in your business or project, improve your success and profitability with tools and solutions such as Petranomics which provide the insight and data to guide you in your decisions.

Improving Your Questions and Get Answers
Read about how to improve the class of questions you can ask in your economic modeling analysis with Petranomics products and solutions.

Apply the Petranomics Modeling and Solution Analysis Process
Read more about the Petranomics solution analysis process.

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